ckeditor spell check licensing

We offer permissive licenses for you and your team to use nano-spell for ckeditor.  Whichever license you finally choose, every developer and team of developers can trial this software freely.

If you need a commercial license for deployment, you can purchase one here. We can process orders made by invoice as well as credit card. License keys are sent immediately when your card/payment is approved.

To learn more, or need legal clarification please read our financial information and EULA.

You can always contact us by email at

Free Development License

This license allows software developers and/or teams of software developers to use NanoSpell within unpublished software projects for development purposes.   The trial is fully functional, and does not expire.

This license is activated when you download the plugin. We do not need you to register or give any personal information.

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$199 Public Website License

This license allows the use of NanoSpell within one public website domain (single subdomain) where the web-site's full content and functionality are are available to the general public.

This license is designed to be ideal for most corporate websites, forums, ecommerce, CMS systems, forums and blogs.

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$399 Enterprise License

This license allows the use of NanoSpell within multiple public website domains and subdomains for website intranet or extranet applications. It covers only the usage for ONE end user organization.

This license is designed to be ideal for organizations with intranets and extranets applications.

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$599 SaaS License

This license allows the use of NanoSpell within multiple public website domains and subdomains for the purposes of providing ONE SaaS software service.

This license is designed for sites and "software as a service" applications.

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$999 OEM Redistribution License

This license type grants the right to use and redistribute the Software (without royalty) as part of ONE distinct packaged commercial title.

This license is designed for software product developers - who wish to include nanospell inside their own product.

Buy an OEM Redistribution License »

Legal / Billing Information

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Tax Details

DR MyCommerce, Inc.
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Download a completed W9 Form

If you are a (non-governmental) non-profit organization, or simply can not afford to buy this plug-in please contact us to see if we can grant you a discounted or free license.

Intuitive User Experience

“Spellcheck as you type” within ckeditor. No learning-curve for users.

Install on any Host

Easily set-up on modern web hosting. Just upload and go.

Developer Friendly

Well documented and kept clean, simple & stable.

Private & Secure

Never sends your data to remote spellchecking servers. No Ads.

International Dictionaries

Free CKEditor spell-check dictionaries from across the world.

Developer Support

Maintained by the original developers.. who love CKEditor