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ckeditor spell check settings

NanoSpell spellcheck plug-in can be configured when CKEditor is initialized.

This allows you as a developer to select a server technology, choose international dictionaries and customize-the spellchecking behavior.

using nanospell for ckeditor

First, download nanospell, copy it anywhere in your website, and add a reference to nanospell/autoload.js in your header.

Initializing nanospell takes only 1 function call, anywhere on your page:

<script src="path/to/nanospell/autoload.js"></script>

<script> nanospell.ckeditor(target ,config)</script>
The id of the textarea or DOM element to which CKEDitor has been applied.
You can set this argument to 'all', and it will automatically target every CKEditor instance within your web-page.
An {} object of settings for the spell-checker. described below.

short example

<script src="path/to/nanospell/autoload.js"></script>

full example

<script src="path/to/nanospell/autoload.js"></script>
<textarea id='editor1'>...</textarea>				
<script>CKEDITOR.replace( 'editor1');</script>

    dictionary : "en",  // 24 free international dictionaries  
    server : "php"      // can be php, asp, or java
    ignore_block_caps : false    // ignore BLOCK CAPS
    ignore_non_alpha : false    // ignore words with numb3s5 in


default value = "en"

Chooses the dictionary file which will be used for spellchecking. These are designated with 2 ISO language:

dictionary: "es" 

To use multiple dictionaries at the same time (useful for multi-lingual documents) use a comma separated list such as:

dictionary: "en,fr"

To use dictionaries other than the default English ("en"), you should first download them and copy to the /nanospell/server/dictionaries/ folder.

To download dictionaries for free or customizing the vocabulary we recommend that you read the NanoSpell dictionaries documentation page.


default value = 'php'

NanoSpell uses server side technology to process spell-checking AJAX requests. The plugin works in this manner so that users do not have to download large dictionary files.

Possible values are:


default value = false

Tells the spell-check plug-in to ignore ALL WORDS WRITTEN BLOCK CAPITALS. These words are commonly abbreviations anyway.


default value = false

Tells the spell-check plug-in to words with numbers and symbols in them. The spell-checker is always aware of URLS, domains and email addresses - irrespective of the value of ignore_non_alpha.

Intuitive User Experience

“Spellcheck as you type” within ckeditor. No learning-curve for users.

Install on any Host

Easily set-up on modern web hosting. Just upload and go.

Developer Friendly

Well documented and kept clean, simple & stable.

Private & Secure

Never sends your data to remote spellchecking servers. No Ads.

International Dictionaries

Free CKEditor spell-check dictionaries from across the world.

Developer Support

Maintained by the original developers.. who love CKEditor